A girl who cannot bend the waist

A girl who cannot bend the waist (no. 707)
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What is this Cause?

‘Mum, will you leave me alone?’

‘I will never leave you alone!’

This is a real dialogue between a scoliosis patient and her mother.


Hei Yi, an eight-year-old girl, is suffering from scoliosis. Two years ago, she went to hospital because of fever. Unfortunately, that is the beginning of her nightmare.


At that time, a doctor found her spine has a little bit incline, they transferred the case to Orthopedics department of Princess Margaret Hospital.  One year later, Hey Yi met with the doctor, but all the information they get is just a lot of numeric data.


 ‘He just said that there was 44 degree, but I was so confused about what he said, I have no idea on it.’ mentioned by Hei Yi’s mum. The doctor said he couldn’t help and transferred her case to The Duchess of Kent Children's Hospital at Sandy Bay (DKCH).


Deferred about 6 months, Hei Yi was diagnosed suffering from Scoliosis in DKCH. The doctor there told her that her spine tilt worsens as 55 degree, she must have the surgery immediately.


40 degree is a critical line, which means Hei Yi has long been need in surgery.

‘I worried about her in every day, I hope there will be miracle.’ Hei Yi’s mum cried, not just in interview, but also in daily life.


What Hei Yi’s mother concerned is not about appearance, she worried it will put Hei Yi’s life in danger.


‘I don’t want to be a scoliosis patient’


Hei Yi is afraid to disclose her condition to classmate and friends, her best wishes is to recover as soon as possible, so that she could get back to a normal life. Fortunately, her school was supportive and cooperative; they arrange helpers for Hei Yi when she needs to carry heavy books.


There are four members in her family, but the total income in not enough for them.

He Yi’s mum said that she never apply for the Comprehensive Social Security Assistance.  She believed that they can live on their own.


However, the surgery fee costs $117,000, which is a tremendous burden for a low income family.


A simple wish of Hei Yi’s mum, all she wants is her daughter to have a happy and healthy growth.


Would you help her to make her dream come true?




The Society for the Relief of Disabled Children (SRDC)


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Email: info@srdc.org.hk


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